Upgrading to the T.O.V.A. 8

The wait was worth it! The all-new T.O.V.A. 8 is now available. New features include:

  • Compatibility with Mac OS X, Windows Vista, and Windows 7
  • USB hardware (no more parallel port!)
  • External Audio/Video testing setup allows you to administer tests without rebooting (requires external display and speakers)
  • All-new report, with Symptom Exaggeration Index, Attention Performance Index, and Ex-Gaussian distribution parameters
  • An import utility to import all of your T.O.V.A. 7 data

Please note:

  • You do not have to uninstall your existing T.O.V.A. in order to upgrade; however, your old T.O.V.A. 7 account will be deactivated thirty (30) days after shipment of the upgrade kit.
  • In order to upgrade, your account must be in good standing.
  • Only one T.O.V.A. 8 upgrade per T.O.V.A. 7 kit.
  • Your old T.O.V.A. 7 microswitch and scorebox must be returned to The TOVA Company in order to receive credit for unused T.O.V.A. 7 credits.

Upgrading Information

Please print and fill out the T.O.V.A. upgrade form.

Once your forms are complete, please mail, fax, or email them to:

The TOVA Company
1832 Scott Rd Ste C5
Freeland, WA 98249-9475 USA

Phone: 800.729.2886 or 562.594.7700
Fax: 800.452.6919 or 562.594.7770

Email: info@tovatest.com


T.O.V.A. 8 upgrade: $295.00 plus shipping ($34.95 for Domestic U.S.). The T.O.V.A. 8 kit includes:

  • Visual and Auditory T.O.V.A. tests
  • T.O.V.A. USB Hardware
  • Professional, Clinical, and User's Manual
  • Installation CD
  • 5 free test credits

Additional test credits: $15.00 ea. (Domestic U.S.) or $10.00 ea. (International). These can be purchased over the Internet through the T.O.V.A.'s built-in Credits interface.

System Requirements for the T.O.V.A. 8

Please check the system requirements before purchasing the T.O.V.A.