T.O.V.A.® Technical Support

One of the benefits of using the T.O.V.A.® is access to free help from our technical support staff. If your question or issue isn't helped by the information here, please don't hesitate to contact the TOVA Company's full time technical support staff:

  • Phone: We're available Monday - Friday, 8:00am - 5:00pm PT at 800.PAY.ATTN (800.729.2886 or 562.594.7700)
  • Email: support@tovatest.com

Online T.O.V.A. Technical Support

For on-line help with the T.O.V.A., please select your version of the T.O.V.A.:

What T.O.V.A. version am I running?

  • The T.O.V.A. 8 & 9 have a large "TOVA" logo on the top of the main window, with a search field directly underneath. Click the 'Help' button at the bottom of the main window--it will appear in the Help window next to "Software Version:".
  • The T.O.V.A. 7 is a mostly DOS-based interface, with a white menu bar at the top and "T.O.V.A. Continuous Performance Test" just below. The specific version number of your T.O.V.A. 7 will appear next to 'Test version:' on the main screen.


We're uploading a few video tutorials, to help users new to the T.O.V.A.

Frequently Asked Questions

For answers to Frequently Asked Questions, please take a look at our Technical Support FAQ.

Technical Support Disclaimer