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Frequently Asked Questions

Warning: A valid T.O.V.A. 7.3 scorebox could not be found

Make sure your T.O.V.A. hardware is attached and you are running the T.O.V.A. in the Precision Test Environment (Test mode).

I cannot get an interpretation for my T.O.V.A. test.

Make sure you have your T.O.V.A. hardware attached and you are running in Precision Test Environment (test mode).

You also need to make sure that you have T.O.V.A. interpretation credits. If you do not have any interpretation credits, you may call our automated ordering system and place an order for more interpretation credits.

I placed an order for interpretation credits and received my activation key. Where do I input the activation key into the T.O.V.A. program?

Make sure that you have your T.O.V.A. hardware attached and you are running the T.O.V.A. in the Precision Test Environment (Test mode). Under the ‘Setup’ menu, select ‘Request Credits’ and proceed to type in your activation key. Remember to enter all the dashes (-) and no spaces.

I entered my activation key, but I am getting an invalid password error.

This error may be caused if you did not enter all the dashes (-) or if you included any spaces when entering the activation key. It can also be caused if the serial number does not match the one that was used when placing the order for interpretation credits.

If you are still having problems with the activation key, please do not call the automated ordering system and place another order for interpretation credits. Please contact T.O.V.A. Customer Service.

I get an ‘Error #13 – Type Mismatch’ when entering Test mode.

This error is caused when the T.O.V.A. was unable to completely reverse its temporary changes to ‘BOOT.INI’.

  1. Open ‘BOOT.INI’ in Notepad:
  2. Go to ‘Start’ and select ‘Run…’.
  3. Type ‘notepad \boot.ini’ and click ‘OK’.
  4. Remove all the spaces and blank lines under the last real line of text:
  5. Put the cursor under the 'm' of ‘multi’.
  6. Hold the ‘Shift’ key down while pressing the down arrow. It should highlight any blank space and lines underneath.
  7. After you have selected all the blank lines and spaces, hit ‘Delete’ to remove the blank space. NOTE: Do not delete any text. If any text has been deleted, undo all changes (Ctrl-Z.) Do not save any changes if any of the text has been deleted.
  8. As a result you should not be able to down arrow beyond that first space on the line. 
  9. Save your changes (Ctrl-S) and close Notepad.

The T.O.V.A. should now run properly. If this solution does not work or the error continues to occur, please contact us.

When trying to enter the Precision Test Environment I get an ‘Error #75 – Path/File access error’.

The error can be caused by two known things: - You don't have rights to access/modify them, so make sure you have FULL local administrative rights for this computer. Or contact T.O.V.A. Technical Support for a version of the T.O.V.A. that works for Limited user accounts. - If that is not the reason, an updated Windows service pack or recent Windows updates may have caused the permissions on some system files to change, and now the T.O.V.A. can no longer access or copy/modify the needed files. If this is the case, you will need to make ‘BOOT.INI’ editable

To make ‘BOOT.INI’ editable: 1. Open a Command Prompt window: * Go to ‘Start’ and select ‘Run…’. * Type ‘cmd’ and click ‘OK’.

  1. Type ‘cd \’ and then hit ‘Enter’ to go to the root of the drive. Type ‘attrib -s -h -r boot.ini’ and then hit ‘Enter’. This command should unlock/change the attributes of ‘BOOT.INI’, so it can be editable and used by the T.O.V.A. again.

  2. If it is able to unlock the file, it should bring you back to the prompt without any messages. If it gives an error message, write it down and contact T.O.V.A. Technical Support for assistance.

  3. After you have run the command and are back at the ‘C:\’ prompt, type ‘exit’ and hit ‘Enter’ to close the Command Prompt window.

You may proceed to run the T.O.V.A. program.

Error #38 – Files must be in one contiguous disk area

If you are getting this error when trying to enter test mode you should try to thoroughly defragment your hard drive.

Other common issues

DOS support downloads

These are files that you may be prompted to download by T.O.V.A. Technical Support.

This page is ONLY for authorized T.O.V.A. users. If you have not been asked to download these files by TOVA technical support, then you do not need these files. If you think you may need one of these files, please call technical support at 800.729.2886 (562.594.7700) or email for more information.
  1. T.O.V.A. 7.3 DOS installer
  2. Auditory Stimuli Sound Test
  3. Parallel Port Utility
  4. Find Files in DOS Utility
  5. Mouse Driver
  6. ESS DOS setup

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