Exporting T.O.V.A. Files

How to Export from within the T.O.V.A.

If you cannot print from TOVA, or you would like to import a TOVA report into a word processing program, these instructions will allow you to print from outside the TOVA_7 program in various formats.

From the TOVA_7 program:

  1. "Open" the file you want to print. This file must be a scored report. After the scored report is opened, key in -ALT- F for the "File" menu and select "Export".

  2. The export option will ask for confirmation of the file to be exported. If it is not the correct file, key the -TAB- key until -CANCEL-is selected and hit -ENTER- or -RETURN- to cancel the export. If it is the correct file to export, hit the -TAB- key until -OK- is selected and then hit -ENTER- or -RETURN- to start the export process.

  3. The application will then ask you to select the files to export. To select the files, use the UP & DOWN arrows to high light the form you want to print and hit the -Space BAR- to put an X in its appropriate box. If you want everything to export, select the "Select All Files" box.

  4. After all the appropriate forms have been selected with an X, hit -OK- to start exporting. It will flash messages as it exports each of the files.

  5. The program will tell you when it is finished.

After it is finished exporting, leave or exit the TOVA program (Hit -ALT- F and then select the "EXIT" or X to exit the program. Then hit -OK- to leave.)

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