Support Request

A support request is the best way to get help with T.O.V.A. problems. Many dialogs in the T.O.V.A. application even have a 'Send to tech support' button for easier access.

How to Send a Support Request

  1. For PTE problems, plug in your T.O.V.A. flash drive (the USB thumb drive with the blue logo). It sometimes collects diagnostic logs.
  2. Run the T.O.V.A. application.
  3. At the bottom of the main window, click 'Help'.
  4. In the Help window, click 'Tech support'.
    • For questions about T.O.V.A. reports, click 'Interpretation support'. You can even attach the session(s) with Personal Health Information (PHI) removed.
    • For ordering or billing questions, click 'Customer service'.
  5. Fill out the information requested and click 'Send'.
    • If your T.O.V.A. PC doesn't have internet access, click 'Save' instead and email the support file to

Tech support requests includes critical information about your T.O.V.A. device, your computer, and any problems you've encountered that helps us answer questions and solve problems.

If you can't send a support request, you can contact us directly.